Bespoke Pieces

Our bespoke jewellery pieces are completely unique and can be created using a variety of white diamonds, fancy colour diamonds or coloured gemstones. If you would like to enquire about creating your very own bespoke piece, please use the contact form below.

Fancy Colour Diamonds

Diamonds are pure crystallised carbon and in their natural state should have no colour at all. But when diamonds began to form in ancient volcanoes over 3 thousand years ago, chemicals caused by the fire, heat and pressure, created contamination, which in turn coloured the crystal structure – and in very rare cases produced diamonds that are vivid colours, from pinks and blues to deep purples, greens and reds.

At Diamonds For Today we can create unique & individual pieces by using exceptional fancy coloured diamonds or gemstones, in a colour of your choice.

Fancy Cut Diamonds

The familiar brilliant-cut was created in the early 20th century to create facets that would refract and reflect the most light from each diamond. Today, many additional cuts have been developed including: emerald cut, pear, oval, heart, trilliant, princess and many more.

Throughout the Diamonds For Today collection you will find a variety of fancy cut diamonds, our specialist team can also create bespoke pieces which incorporate your chosen fancy cut.

The Premier Diamond

The Premier Diamond, a sparkling new variation of the classic brilliant-cut but with 82 facets which creates exceptional light and fire in every diamond. The Premier Diamond cut uses only the best quality stones weighing from 0.20ct. to 5.00ct, each with a certificate issued by the International Gemological Institute.

Creating your own bespoke piece